Join a virtual event with Sitka residents

In the free Zoom event on November 5th, you’ll hear from the following Sitka residents:

Craig See an ecosystem scientist interested in how carbon and nutrients move through forest landscapes. His current research focuses on the ways that mycorrhizal fungi, which live symbiotically with tree roots, influence carbon storage in soils.

Grace Munakata is a mixed media painter based in Berkeley, California. Her work is abstract but includes specific references, in part a response to a particular place, its light, weather and flora-fauna. An avid reader of literature and natural history, she’s fascinated by studying/observing reciprocal connections in nature.

Rebecca Young lives in Leadville, CO, where she must constantly choose between playing outdoors and staying obediently at her writing desk. Her work explores the intersections of wildness and human experience, and strives to stoke wonder and the spirit of adventure in her readers.

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John Yunker
Author of the novels The Tourist Trail and Where Oceans Hide Their Dead. Co-founder of Ashland Creek Press and editor of Writing for Animals (also now a writing program).
John Yunker


Author of books, plays and short stories. Publisher at Ashland Creek Press. Web globalization geek at Byte Level Research. And vegan.
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John Yunker
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