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Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities

Stories are how we come to know the world. They shape our propensity to believe in, engage with, and respond to, the world around us. They inspire and confront, open and close, breathe and compress, the landscape of imaginative possibility. With each issue of Ecocene, we have a general call for submissions that considers stories, and storying, about/with the environment in the broadest sense. We are looking for original works of poetry, prose, feature writing, and creative non-fiction in the environmental humanities, with a focus on reimagining human-nonhuman relationalities. Hybrid style and content, intersections between creative/critical writing, and diversity on all levels is welcomed and encouraged. Please state the genre or genres of your submission, a 2-3 sentence description, and if it is a simultaneous submission to another journal/publication.The word limit for short fiction and feature writing submissions is 3000 words, and 200 words for poetry. All submissions to be submitted through the Ecocene submissions portal.

To submit, you must register and use the submission portal here:

John Yunker
Author of the novels The Tourist Trail and Where Oceans Hide Their Dead. Co-founder of Ashland Creek Press and editor of Writing for Animals (also now a writing program).
John Yunker


Author of books, plays and short stories. Publisher at Ashland Creek Press. Web globalization geek at Byte Level Research. And vegan.
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John Yunker
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