Center for Humans and Nature
The Center for Humans and Nature connects people with ideas that explore and promote environmental ethics and ecological responsibility.

Lauren Frick
Lauren Frick is an undergraduate student at Indiana University Northwest pursuing a BA in both English and Spanish. She is also a Review Editor of Poetry and Website Coordinator for Great Lakes Review

JoeAnn Hart
JoeAnn Hart is the author of the novel Float, which swirls around conceptual art, bankruptcy, and plastics in the ocean.

Mindy Mejia
Mindy Mejia is the author of The Dragon Keeper. Her second novel, Everything You Want Me To Be, is forthcoming in January 2017.

Anna Monders
Anna Monders booktalks her way through elementary and middle schools as part of the Jackson County Library’s outreach program.

Midge Raymond
Midge Raymond is a co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. She is the author of the novel My Last Continent and the award-winning short story collection Forgetting English.

Jacki Skole
Jacki Skole is a writer, communications professor, aspiring yogi and dog lover. Dogland: A Journey to the Heart of America’s Dog Problem is her first book.

Heather Taft
Heather is the Chairperson for the Strategic Planning Committee for the Society for Conservation Biology’s Conservation Genetics Working Group. She also teaches biology classes online for Colorado State University – Global Campus.

John Yunker
Playwright and author of the novels The Tourist Trail and Where Oceans Hide Their Dead. He is co-founder of Ashland Creek Press and editor of Writing for Animals.