The Nature of Cities Festival 2022

In less than two weeks the virtual The Nature of Cities Festival begins. The event is designed and run by The Nature of Cities, a registered not-for-profit based in New York. And, like the name says, it is focused on “building cities that are better for nature and all people.” The festival will be held March …

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Join the ASLE Virtual Conference: Emergence/y

ASLE (The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment) is holding its conference online from July 26 to August 6. Keynote presentations include: Aimee Nezhukumatathil, poet and author of World of Wonders Brionté McCorkle, Executive Director of Georgia Conservation Voters Anthropologist and geographer Zoe Todd and sound artist AM Kanngieser, collaborating on “Environmental Kin …

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Upcoming event: Evolving Beyond Animal Ag

Imagine that you’re an nth-generation farmer and you’ve been raised to continue business as usual in animal agriculture. But you can’t help but notice that the world is changing around you. People are eating less meat, consuming less dairy. Animals activists (such as myself) are saying cows and sheep and pigs and chickens deserve peaceful …

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Book Review: The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan

There’s nothing like a new year to inspire lifestyle changes, and there is no better time than now to pick up The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan by Jasmin Singer & VegNews Magazine. This gorgeous book, whose subtitle is Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days, is a perfect companion for those who …

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Join Rewilding Our Stories

Our friends Mary Woodbury of and Lovis Geir from Ecofictology have partnered to create a virtual community of writers and readers passionate about environmental literature. The network is hosted on Discord and you are invited to join. Here’s more about Rewilding Our Stories: Rewilding Our Stories is a safe place for readers, writers, publishers…basically …

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Join a virtual event with Sitka residents

In the free Zoom event on November 5th, you’ll hear from the following Sitka residents: Craig See an ecosystem scientist interested in how carbon and nutrients move through forest landscapes. His current research focuses on the ways that mycorrhizal fungi, which live symbiotically with tree roots, influence carbon storage in soils. Grace Munakata is a …

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Upcoming Virtual Event: Women Writing the Natural World

Here’s an excellent event coming up this Monday at 7pm PST on Zoom and Facebook. The event features writers Corinna Cook, Marybeth Holleman, Adrienne Lindholm and Nancy Lord, moderated by Libby Roderick. More info below… Women Writing the Natural World Oct 19, 2020 6:00 PM Alaska (7:00 PST) Join the Zoom Meeting here: Meeting ID: 947 0930 1572

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