L.C. Smith & Corona Model 8




L.C. Smith & Corona Model 8

In 1886, the Smith brothers founded the Smith Premier Typewriter Company and were successful in producing the Smith Premier typewriter, a design in which keys struck the bottom of the platen and was known as the “blindwriter” because you could not see what you were typing. Seven years later, the brothers formed a second company, the L.C. Smith & Bros Typewriter Corporation, to focus on a more user-friendly typewriter design, in which you can see what you type. In 1926, the company merged with Corona, a maker of portable typewriters.

Model number 8, shown here, was manufactured in the 1920s in Syracuse, New York. It features a 10-inch platen and was the first of its kind to support a tab system.

Cards are 4.25 x 6 inches in size, printed on 14-pt card stock with a high-gloss exterior and a blank, uncoated interior (translation: they are shiny on the outside, but you can use virtually any writing implement on the inside without worrying about smudging).

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